The Burlington Volunteer Fire Department was founded on May 3, 1943 when a
Group of concerned citizens met at the Boone County Courthouse to discuss
The fire protection needs of their growing Community.
The territory of the department was set at a three mile radius from the center
Of Burlington.  Donations from the citizens provided $1,012, of which $700 was
Used to purchase the first fire truck, a 1938 Ford.  A pump, hoses, and nozzles
Were also purchased.  A building located behind the old courthouse on
Jefferson Street was donated by the Boone County Library Association.  
This became Burlington’s first firehouse.
The first officer’s of the department were Chief A. E. Stephens, Assistant
Chief Elza Poston, Captain Albert Kirkpatrick, Lieutenant J.K. Cropper,
Lieutenant Luther Smith and Lieutenant Sam Ryle.
In 1960 Ralph Stith donated an ambulance and this was the start of the
Burlington Rescue Squad.  In 1965 a new three bay firehouse was built
On Torrid Street behind the Burlington Baptist Church.  In 1988 the building
Was expanded to 6 bays to allow for larger and more modern equipment.
In 1980 a KRS Chapter 75 fire-taxing district was established and the
Volunteer department became known as the Burlington Fire Protection
District.  This change became necessary when donations were no longer
Providing enough revenue to fund the daily operations of the department.
Today the department collects approximately $1,750,000 from taxes
To provide fire and emergency medical service to an area that covers
38.7 square miles.

In 1992 the department two employees to provide daytime coverage when
Most volunteers were at work.  The first two employees were Chief David E.
Biddle and Firefighter/EMT Matt Chastain.

In 2000 the department started 24 hour staffing to cover the primary squad
And handle single engine responses.
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